With the launch of Calvary Littleton this Sunday, we wanted to update the look and feel of the website to better reflect our congregations’ growth. Ben Haley and Josh Carr have been working together on the layout and design for months. Here are some of the changes:

A completely redesigned website built from the ground up using modern web code, popular plugins, and updated images (Thanks, Ben!). Everything should be much easier to read, more organized, and simplified.

The front page is now a “splash page.” It will help visitors find the Englewood or the Littleton information right up front. It will also allow us to add more locations as we grow in the future. Josh can’t wait until we have ten!

The Littleton website is available from the splash page and any time at littleton.thecalvary.org – but it’s not quite ready to go yet. Dan Freng, Ben Haley, and Kevin Hasenack will be working this week to update the content for the Littleton congregation. Right now, it’s just a straight clone of the Englewood site. They will always look visually similar, but the content will change depending on the location.

Calvary has a blog! The pastors have been asking for this for a long time and they’re fired up to use it. It’ll have encouraging posts, pictures from various Calvary events, new information for the congregation, and more!

The site is 100% responsive, so it’ll look great on your Desktop computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device. There isn’t a “mobile view” which means that everyone who visits the site sees all of the same content. Nothing gets left out.

The menu scrolls with you as you scroll down the page. That makes navigating the site easier so you don’t have to scroll back up to the top to check out the next page.

Since we’ve updated everything, we’ll be able to reach more people as a Church! Much of the old site was broken, hard to use, and confusing. It will take a while to get everything where it actually should be (as far as SEO, social media, etc.), but we’ll gradually move forward and make things easier for everyone as we go.

Josh wants you to know that he’ll be receptive to your feedback, but we all have to acknowledge that it takes a while to get used to change. Ultimately, we’re working hard to make the website more accessible for everyone. We’re also committing to its maintenance and updating the content regularly.

We hope that you’ll add the Calvary website to your bookmarks and check it often.

If you have WordPress experience and are interested in helping us with the website, please hit the @ symbol in the footer and let us know.

If you like what you see, buy Josh a coffee for the many nights of little or no sleep that went into this project. Also check out his company website: Drift Management.

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